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5 Things To Ask Before Going Into Business w/ Your Spouse- The Myles Family Secret To Success

Understanding your role in any endeavor is vital. Home and Business are 2 separate entities with the same goals, success. As a husband, I cannot rely on what society says our household should look like. We are helpmates and if I cannot move past antiquated ideals set by others, I am setting my family and businesses up for failure.

Pamela was the visionary for Myles Select Ultra Premium Vodka and as a spouse, I desire to see all of her dreams come true and I supported her vision. We both entered our marriage with previous entrepreneurial and marriage experience which made the transition of spouses to business partners easier because we understood the commitment it would take.

When you have a driven, career minded spouse, home life can suffer because the other spouse does not completely understand the what, why and when that motivates you, we do. Our struggles to succeed and its demands, drives us closer as we both have the same goals. Our downtime together becomes more loving, has more energy and refuels us with passion, empathy and understanding. We already know what the day took from each other.

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Going In Business With Your Spouse

1. Are you married to someone you can disagree with and still move on?

2. Can you learn from your spouse?

3. Do you respect your spouse?

4. Does outside opinions influence your marriage?

5. Are you in a "until death do us part" marriage?

Each one of these questions will determine your success in marriage and in business. You cannot be stuck in your disagreements for days.If you think you are the smartest in your relationship, you will miss value and create resentment in your marriage and distrust in business. If you care about others opinions you will constantly be making changes and growing apart. You cannot be more committed to your business than your marriage. The odds of divorced couples maintaining a business is extremely rare.

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