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Being Left Alone: The Disadvantages and Effects On the Life of A Latch Key Kid

The hours of 3pm to 6pm are the most critical hours in a childs life and many are spending that time alone making decisions that can impact their lives forever! Growing up some of us have faced coming home to an empty home because our parents were working or away from the home. We came home dod what we wanted to do even though a parent may call and say do this or do that, we as kids took that as an oppertune time to do what we wanted. Whether it was hanging out with our friends, sneaking around with a person of interest, experiencing drugs or alcohol, those were and still are the hours when things could go critically wrong seemingly as all fun but taking a turn for the worse which impacted our lives forever!

Studies show that more than 63% of children who are left alone at home during this time face higher chances of getting pregnant, experiencing drugs or alcohol, or develop symptoms of depression all due to the fact of the negligence of preparation or having a structure in place to serve the youth most inquisitive needs. As parents we feel like as long as our kids are bring home good grades our child is ok but deep down inside they are dealing with the pressure of peers and/or simply just growing up! Ms Claressa Winston, owner and founder of the youth life center of the arts has served kids for over 12 years and seen the effects of being left alone as an adolescent, coming home to nothing or anyone, she has personally experienced the trauma and impact this course can have on a childs life and she is determined not to let another child suffer! The city of Riverdale, GA is blessed to have such a great asset to the community which offers solutions to these problems however with the overflow of addressing these needs, its time to expand and serve adolescents across the metro communities of Atlanta! With the rise of gun violence and teen pregnancy growing at a rapid rate, Youth Life Center of The Arts provides resolutions to tacke this specific issue hands own! Heres how you can help join our efforts to insure this epidemic does not continue and less adolescents are effected or disadvantaged! Her story! Wactch video below:

Meet The Owner and Founder Of The Youth Life Center of The Arts

The Story of A Latch Key Kid

Ms. Claressa Winston has served adolences with over 12 years experience and shares with us 5 critical factors that put latch key kids at a disadvantage

5 Effects of being a Latch key kid and the disadvantages they face of the unknown neglect- Loneliness- When youth are lonely they have a feeling or need to be accepted or fit in and in most cases fitting in or being accepted by peer who make poor choices ultimately resulting in long term effects in their young adult life. Boredom- One of the most critical matters at hand and a feeling that can be detrimental if not addressed sooner than later. Boredom allows you mind to wonder and accept things you probably wouldn't accept if your child is active and involved. Social Disconnect- Youth need to be around other youth and grow with peers that share the same likeness and gifts they do. When youth share the same experience as other youth and they tall about it and share their story they make strong positive choices. When one feels disconnected or not apart they tend to become loners and face depression they may not even talk about or show they are going thru. Academic Under Achievement- Whose managing or making sure your youth is getting their homework done and studying! In some cases, when youth are left alone and parents come home from a long day, the last thing a parent wants to do is go over homework or study with their child! Geesh, youve worked all day traveled maybe an hour or two to get to and from work and your just tired not to mention you gotta cook and get ready flr the next day.. A repetitive cycle of this can take a turn for the worse quickly in this case. Impairment of Parent Child Relationship- This one actually goes hand in hand with the last one. Think of it like this, the home starts at 6am in the morning, everyone is task driven to go to work or school, no real time to connect just on the go and repeated everyday! This disconnect leaves alot of questions unanswered and un resolved only to create a distant or hostile environment creating a lack of assurance of dealing with everyday life.

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Key Components of the effects: Being left with the world (cell phone) in the palm of there hands with Google, TikTok, reality TV, and social media as their parenting guide. PTSD from the impact and residue of the social emotional, educational impact of covid-19.

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