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For Such A Time As This: Councilwoman Kam Varner Reflects Forward

written by Shawn Raleigh

Kamali Varner is a native of McDonough, Georgia. She has served her community for over 12 years as a three term Councilwoman, and as of January 2nd 2024, she is currently serving a fourth term as a council member for the city. In 2011 Councilwoman Varner was elected and recognized as the youngest person to serve on the board, paving the path of her journey to put her footprint in community she was raised. As a graduate of Henry County High School, a Warhawk alumni, she furthered her education earning a bachelor's degree in organization leadership while achieving her Masters in public administration, maximizing the opportunity of serving in the spirit of progression to move the community forward.

"It's simply absolutely amazing! God Almighty is giving me the opportunity to

continue to serve. To continue to do God's will." says Varner.

Councilwoman Varner is responsible for creating the first youth council for the City of McDonough, helping young people understand the protocol of local government while building leadership and civic engagement skills. We want them to know that they are leaders that can be their own individuals. It’s a different generation, so I want them to harness their leadership skills, whether they decide to be a janitor, blow up balloons for a living, or be the CEO of a company or a community, inspiring students to believe they have leadership abilities in local government serving our community.

"There's nothing like giving young people an opportunity to serve each other in real time, they have the opportunity to know that there's a need." There's people that look differently than them in the spectrum of social economic status and they have the opportunity to serve. When young people see they have the opportunities to serve it inspires them to serve others.

As a representative of district four, City of McDonough, Varner is committed to serving her entire community. As the representative for one of the city's strongest social economic districts, Councilwoman Varner says this district is

the pipeline to economics with over 32 hotels, mixed use development, residential, and industrial features. With the increase of traffic in the district, The city hopes to draw developers that desire to come in and create more commercial zoning for retail and high end attractions.

To Varner, reflection forward is much like carrying the torch of the previous mayor, Mayor Bill Copeland, he felt that McDonough is the new promised land, he was historical for that slogan. So reflection for our current mayor is doing exactly that now, where she's reflecting forward, she's actually moving the agenda towards the new promised land and as a council, we're doing the work to ensure that we are the new promise land and our goal is to be the head of the county and continue to hold that county seat.

Mayor Vincent actually put together this whole bicentennial year celebration reflecting forward because we can reflect and move forward at the same time. Take what was good for the past and move it forward and keep building on it. She's one that cares, one that listens and so, it's absolutely astonishing to have the opportunity to serve alongside her as, as I have before, but in the capacity as mayor, it's amazing. She's impacting a lot of people lives in this community. She's a mayor for all and she's definitely making sure that she represents this great diverse community.

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