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GodDriven Global Appears on The July/August 2022 Cover of Star South News

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

What is GodDriven Global and how did you guys come up with the concept? We found this concept of trading and investing through our first millionaire mentor. We continued our education in the financial markets and we realized that my son Aiden was grasping the information at a rapid pace. After teaching him a simple strategy we found this is perfect for children and it lined up with our passion to combat the poverty mindset and have an impact on future generations. Then we partnered with a youth center in Riverdale, GA and started a summer program teaching children from ages 7-18 this concept and it was a huge success and the parents wanted more! Crypto Currency is an emerging industry that is taking the next generation of wealth builders to new heights. Many say the young people are not working 9 to 5 Jobs anymore, how did crypto change the game? Crypto currency allowed a way for people to take control of their wealth back without having to go through oppressive systems. It is a way the common person can adopt a new technology before big industries and be a part of one of the largest wealth transfers. Now GodDriven Global has a great spiritual background behind it, how does faith and currency fall hand in hand? Everything to create wealth has already been written in the bible. All we have to do is take the principles and put them to action and over time it will bear fruit in its season. Ecclesiastes 11 I just one example of wealth biblical principles. Once you read the word you not only have to take action but you also have to have faith it will work. Many people feel like in order to trade, you need a lot of money to invest! How did you guys get started, did you put up a lot of money and take a big risk, what was the process like? This is one of the biggest misconceptions about trading. You don’t need a lot of money in trading to get the desired results. I started with less than the cost of a pair of converse and was able to compound that amount to create the lifestyle that people desire. Now GDG is also going inside the public school system teaching kids to trade, how important is it for you to reach the next generation, more importantly visit schools where kids facing board line poverty levels get this information early and why? This is our main mission and passion because growing up in a poverty situation ourselves this information would have changed our whole families and communities outcomes. I’m not saying we would not love to be of service to every school however we feel lower income and Title 1 schools are at a higher disadvantage due to lack of resources and other factors thus will benefit more from the understanding of how money works in real life circumstances. Now we hear you guys have an iron in the fire with this phenomenal 11 year old kid who made over $1,800 in his first trade and flipped it to $10k! Wow! Who is he and how did he learn so fast? Much less produce a high profit margin? So the child is my son Aiden and he actually watches the trading videos with me. He started asking questions and we realized the potential with this information and children. We took about an hour with him teaching fundamentals and a proven strategy. Then we let him apply what he learned in the live trading markets by himself. As he was taking trades we asked him questions to see if he actually understood what he was doing and he did. Our mind was blown with the results. Both of you are retired military, at the age of 37, and your also retired from working at any job doing this trading thing, how are you helping others achieve the same success in their personal lives? We actually retired at 32 years of age and we have been helping people do the same through financial literacy. We found that we don’t have a money problem. We have a mindset problem towards money. We just don’t know what to do with it once we get it. Through our wealth academy we help people find what success is for them and map out a plan to achieve those goals. Can anybody be apart of the team? is their some special class they need to take? What are the first steps for a beginner who wants to learn the crypto game? Yes anyone can a part of our wealth community however they need to understand that where they are and where they want to be will take work that is definitely worth it! The great thing is when they get started they will be equipped to help other people they care about achieve their goals as well. You also found a new home to share the crypto experience with others. What made you choose thos new location and what value did it bring to your platform? This location provides the opportunity to meet new people and to give people a chance to elevate themselves through experiencing a higher way of living. Where can we find out more about you online so our audience can follow you and learn more about trading?

You can find us on social media platforms such as facebook and instagram @goddrivenglobal and our website

GodDriven Global Appears On The Cover of Star South News

GodDriven Global Appears On I'm Just A Lil Toxic Podcast

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