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I'm Just A Lil Toxic Podcast S2 Ep 19 Hosted by Kali Kold with Ashaki Noni Nichols

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Who is Ashaki Nichols and what is your background in politics?

I am the Beautiful Gift of God, that is the translation of my name Ashaki Noni. I am an American that believes in hard work and persistence. I am where I am at today in life because I have faith in God and believe that I can do all things through him. I have been interested in politics since I graduated high school. I have always had the desire to serve in political office, I just did not know which office to run for. I have worked with local government and with the military. The positions that I held at the administrative level allowed me to get a perspective at the grassroots level.

You’re running on an independent ticket, what made you take this route instead of the traditional way of Democrat or Republican?

I chose to run as an independent because the country is ready for a change from the two-party system. Over the past 6 years, the division within both parties has given way to a third option.

Your hashing or motto is Together We Will, what does that mean to you and how does that transform to the people you would like to support your vision?

The motto ‘Together We Will’ means bringing everyone to the table with an understanding that the only way out of where we are is to move forward together. Today our country is deeply divided; however, we all want similar things. We all want to have stability, whether that is financial, family or housing. This motto translates to me as a way to move forward together, I want this motto to translate to others the same way.

What are some of the key issues that you are addressing, and why are they important in moving this country forward?

The key issues I am addressing are 1) The EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), 2) Open the pipelines that have been affected under Executive Order, 3) Inflation, and getting the supply chain back up and running (local/corporate businesses. The EUA brought about the covid lockdowns, which led to the supply chain break downs. The pipelines being affected have only contributed to price increases at the pump that are hurting the American people. The issues need to be addressed immediately so as a country we can get back on track.

Healthcare is a major issue here and billions of dollars get made off of Healthcare yearly, what is your plan to get free Healthcare to all tax-paying American citizens?

With Healthcare, it needs to start with the insurance companies and the subsidies that they receive from the government. The whole system needs a realignment. Healthcare should not cost as much as it does, and the first step is going to be looking into competition in the marketplace to drive down the costs. In this instance, the government needs to turn this over to the states and again the government needs to stop subsidizing insurance companies.

How do you feel about gun violence and mass shooting that are current ingredients happening in America?

First and foremost, my prayers go out to the families and the communities dealing with the recent and past violence that has occurred in the month of May. The violence and mass shootings are a result of our society being desensitized to humanity.

What is your plan to stop it?

There are multiple options, the first one is to address the mental health crisis. The second is to teach gun safety, this education needs to be brought back into the schools and made available to the public. The third option would be to stop using these unfortunate incidences as a way to go after the second amendment. If law-abiding citizens are disarmed, trust that the criminals will be. We need the ability to defend ourselves and we need to be educated on how to do that.

How important is helping small businesses to you and what is your plan to bring resources to small businesses fairly?

It is extremely important to help small businesses as they are the backbone of our economy. One plan would be to work with the Small Business Administration to make sure that small businesses that need loans or grants get them. Broadening education in the community and making it more accessible to those who want to own a small business. During the pandemic, Amazon received a small business loan. Obviously, they did not need it, but the question is why they got the loan, and the true small business did not. This is what needs to change.

What is your plan against inflation?

To further address this question from my previous response. The inflation we are under is the result of bad policy and money printing. The stimulus checks seemed great; however, the supply chain breaking down, businesses closing, and people not being able to work caused a perfect storm. Right now, the best option we have is to get our small businesses back open and ramp up manufacturing. If we can get the regulations on the pipelines adjusted that will create jobs and at the same time help with our energy independence.

The economy is now hit by high gas prices, food, everything is double what it was last year! How can we get back to a decent livable cost of living giving the American people hope again?

The way we start to get back is through small business. Next, we need to negotiate with the oil companies to see how we can lower gas prices. Lastly, with everything going up as a result of policy decisions and stimulus packages, our path to reestablishing independence consists of supporting our small businesses and manufacturing companies at the local level.

What is your plan to work across party lines with Democrats and Republicans?

My plan to work across party lines will involve having a meeting where both parties are present, not one or the other. I would make it clear that I am here to serve and assist the representatives of each state so that they can in return serve the people of this country.

How can we find out more about your platform online and keep up with your campaign to become the next president of the United States?

The best way to learn more about the campaign is to visit On the website, you can sign up for monthly newsletters, get campaign merchandise, or support the campaign with a donation.

Ashaki Noni Nichols Sits With Kali Kold On I'm Just A Lil Toxic Podcast

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