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5 Tips To Purchasing or Selling Your Home In The New Economy with Aylssa Rockamore

My top 5 tips for new homebuyers

1. Start saving early- The earlier you start saving, the better. It shows financial stability and that you're a responsible buyer.

2. Work on your credit score- You want the best interest rates possible. Also, if you're looking to use Down Payment Assistance, some require minimum credit scores to qualify.

3. Decide How much home you can afford,comfortably. Be sure to calculate insurance, maintenance, taxes and utilities. Not just your monthly mortgage payment

4. Compare Mortgage Lenders- You're not married to one lender. You have a responsibility to shop for the best rates.

5. Last but not least, find the right Real Estate Agent. Some agents like myself specialize in helping first time home buyers. They should be guiding you thru the process and making recommendations that will assist you in getting to the closing table.

Tips for selling a home…

1. Declutter

2. Clean

3. Use neutral paint colors

4. Improve curb appeal

5. Don't overprice your home. That's one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make

I offer full service real estate to both buyers and sellers. I offer free videos,photos and marketing to home sellers. For both buyers and sellers, you'll get a full in person and in depth consultation. We’ll go over wants and needs. Look at homes recently sold. You’ll leave empowered knowing that when

you either buy or sell, you have the knowledge of the area and you know what to expect. You can find me on facebook @ Alyssa Sells Real Estate, Instagram @Alyssa_therealtor and online at I look forward to hearing from you.

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