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A Community Pillar Preserving The History of Stockbridge GA: The Green Front Cafe

Miller Family takes a long walk to Green Front Cafe back to Stockbridge living history

By: Dominique Huff

What seemed to look like an abandoned and forgotten home along Second Street in Stockbridge is a hidden Henry County Black History figure. The Green Front Cafe occupied the dwelling for over 60 years, from the 1940s to the early 2000s. During segregation, black residents and travelers knew they could eat in front of the house and be treated with dignity and respect. A non-performing asset held by the family of the late Carrie Mae Hambrick, Diane, and Tony Miller sought to shine it and bring back the former glory to the property and the community.

“We had discussions with the Hambrick estate concerning the property, and they did not simply want to sell it and hand it over. They wanted it to get into the right hands,” Diane Miller said. “We are preserving the business as if it’s in the family. We want this to become a community resource and asset again.”The establishment known for hamburgers and hot dogs is nodding to the past by adding chicken, fish, meatloaf, vegetables, and much more to increase business. With current operating hours from 7 am to 3:30 pm Wednesday through Sunday. The facility has a meeting space for meetings and offers catering.

Green Front Cafe is an area of Stockbridge coined by Miller as the Stockbridge Heritage District that has so many historical hidden figures who used to work and play in the area and reside in Henry County. It is believed the establishment was the first restaurant in the county when it opened in the 1940s. “Black History happened here in Stockbridge and Henry County, not just in Atlanta and Fulton County. We have the church where the late MLK’s father spoke his first sermon in this block,” she explained. “We have so many legacy residents who have stories to tell about their lived history of the community where we need to work on having a historian capture this vital information.” Miller and her family always had a heart and passion for service. She considered hitting the road to serve where her talents were needed, but coming up to Second Street, she saw that she needed to take care of her backyard first, along with her husband.

“Green Front Cafe was a part of the fabric of the community, and we want to continue that legacy,” she said. “We are not here to take, we are here to build and enhance this community.” Future goals include expanding catering services along with extended hours of operation. “With Stockbridge becoming a concerts destination, we want to leverage that to introduce the region to the history of Green Front Cafe,” she concluded.

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Dominque Huff

Journalist/Community Coordinator

Dominique Huff is a media mogul and business developer based in Atlanta, Ga. He’s the founder of several well-known media brands. He operates The Huff Firm and Tenth Amendment Media Group and can put the power of the written word, research, and development into strategic, targeted action. Dominique loves New Jack Swing and indie music of all genres and enjoys community involvement.


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