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Business Owner Linda Jones Bridges The Gap Between Community and Small Business in Stockbridge


Known As The People's Mayor

Ms. Linda Jones is the president of Feeding God’s People Community Food Pantry (fGPCFP), a small non profit organization located in Stockbridge, Georgia for 6 years. She is also a small business owner of C & L Beauty Salon. Linda is indeed a game changer that has influenced many successful women in entrepreneurship stewardship roles.

Linda has volunteered for the city of Stockbridge on numerous occasions throughout her years as small business owner in the city of Stockbridge. Linda’s mission is to enhance the quality of life within our local communities. Her motto is: Tomorrow is not promised, Now is the time to work!

She has demonstrated her passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to serving the community through FGPCFP; which she founded in 2017. Mrs. Jones has also been a proud Board member of the Main Street Advisory board located in Stockbridge, Georgia for 7 years. Linda has also volunteered with the United Food Force for 5 years. Linda also served as a board member of the Southern Crescent Resource Ministry in McDonough, Georgia for 2 years. Her dedication and commitment to the Stockbridge community has garnered her the following recognition: National Women’s History Month Award given to her by Councilman Elton Alexander (2019). Small Business Owner given to her by Alphonso Thomas (2020). Humanitarian Award given to her by city councilman John Blount (2020); First Responder Volunteer Luncheon Award (2021); Carrie Mae Day award given to her by the Stockbridge Civic Association (2021);Carrie Mae Hambrick Community Service Award given to her by the Henry County NAACP (2022);The Upward Development Pearl award for Community Service (2022). And the “Making a Difference Community Service Award given to her by Mayor Pro Tem alphonso Tomas (2022). Most recently, Linda graduated from the Stockbridge Police Department Citizen Police Academy in May 2023.


Linda has passion for giving back to the community and a servanthood reputation that continues to shine throughout her various heartfelt endeavors. Linda is a people person and believes that serving and helping others is a way to give back and help build a stronger community in which we live.

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