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Councilwoman Vanessa Thomas Reflects Forward Serving City of McDonough As A Voice for The People

Happy birthday City McDonough Celebrating 200 years.! I look forward to having 200 more years of celebration with increase and prosperity within the city of McDonough!- Councilwoman Vanessa Thomas

written by Dominque Huff

Vanessa Thomas is all about the people! She loves having the opportunity to serve the people as a 1st term councilwoman for the city of McDonough. Retired from the federal government, public service is a thing of second nature for her. With a continued desire to serve the citizens of McDonough she is dedicated to be a public servant for all of McDonough. Serving as the councilwoman for the city at large, Thomas is responsible for all four districts, and can speak on behalf of all four districts and what can be done in all four districts. As a Councilwoman at large, she can look at the whole picture and be able to speak on behalf of the entire city of McDonough.

After Falling short in 2020 running for Clerk of Superior Court for Henry County,Thomas never gave up! She gained great knowledge in the experience of campaigning, learning how to strategically build her campaign and reach the community to get the people on board. Although Henry County is very large, the city of McDonough provided a platform that allowed her to touch the city after running a countywide campaign.

Reflection Forward, to Thomas, means looking back on how far we've come! Thomas says”although I wasn't here 200 years ago and, none of us have been here for 100 years, but just looking back seeing the things that the city of McDonough has gone through over the years and reflecting how far we've come from 200 years ago to now. We still have ways to go and we're making progress with mainstreet McDonough developing into a highly attractive culturally diverse audience.

Councilwoman Thomas moved to the City of McDonough almost seven years ago after residing in the city of South Fulton in the College Park area for over 30 years and one of the reasons she  moved here is because McDonough was a smaller city with a hometown feel and less people, but since then the city has grown, and houses are up all over the place, development booming like never before and we're still growing, along with the population, the buildings, the houses and apartment complexes with everything that's coming along with it. it also has brought traffic into the city, more traffic that we're dealing with and hopefully we'll get a handle on infrastructure soon. We're in the process of widening some roads, the main roads that's affecting the traffic and that's affecting where many residents live, work and play. Hopefully within next year sometime, we will have traffic under control as well.

Councilwoman Vanessa Tomas envisioned her leadership role within the city to be a voice for the people and felt led to be a voice for people who may not want to speak up but desire to be heard. I know we're a great city. Her goal is to see more activities for families, such as top golf and other feature attractions for families and develop activities for teenagers through after school and summer programs with the benefits of summer employment.

As a Councilwoman that serves this great community Thomas loves to explore the feature attractions shop in the South point area, shop in the downtown area and feels the resources are right here having local shops within the city of McDonough.” says Councilwoman Thomas. 

Thomas is dedicated to working together with her fellow council members and feels It's very important for all of council members to be able to talk with one another and share ideas and plans to continue the growth of the city. I'd like to see our vendors, Our, companies out here, within the seat of mcdonough to be able to hire our, students for the summer so they can have summer employment, that will keep them busy for the summer and that will keep them out of trouble during the have within the city and, in order to move the city forward, in order to move our residents forward.

Councilwoman Vanessa Thomas Reflects Forward: City of McDonough

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