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Daniel Nagel: The Personal Injury King of Clay Co

Danny Nagal Is Clay Co: "From Birth To Dirt"

By Marvella Nesbitt

     Personal Injury Attorney Daniel Nagel earns the moniker “King of Clay Co” because of his deep roots and pride in the county. He was born and raised in Clayton and has lived there for 39 years. He and his wife still have strong family ties in the community. Nagel affectionately expresses an appreciation for the cultural diversity, differing food options, and businesses his hometown has to offer. He has never seen a need to reside anywhere else.

     Before opening his firm as an accident lawyer, he started defending misdemeanor cases in Henry County. Shortly after, he served as a district attorney in Clayton County but admits, “I tried cases, worked appeals, and did everything I could potentially do, but it wasn’t the right place for me.” Ultimately, it was at a friend’s urging that he ventured into a different field of law to find his niche. Needless to say, he made the leap and has never looked back.

Nagel confides he always realized the trajectory of his career pathway. “I know it sounds cheesy, but I always knew I was going to be a lawyer.” The 1992 legal drama, A Few Good Men, starring Tom Cruise as a Navy attorney, was also influential in his decision. Besides, Nagel says he did not have the aptitude to use a hammer and nails, so it did not leave him many options.

           One attribute that sets Nagel apart from other personal injury attorneys is his social media presence. In his reels, he interacts with random people in streets of Atlanta, testing their knowledge of the law. He calls it the “Street Smarts Quiz”. His goal is to spread awareness, to educate the public, and to have fun while doing it. It extends a personal approach in building his brand. “Other lawyers are stuck in a traditional mold of billboards, radio, and television. I’m not threatened by giving information for free. They are still going to need a lawyer. In fact, it helps [people] trust me over other business owners.” His unique marketing strategy keeps him relevant and acquainted with the public he serves.

      What’s more, Nagel takes a humble approach to what many view as a prestigious occupation. “[Lawyers] are just human beings. We have gone to a trade school just like a mechanic, plumber, or electrician. The only difference is there are a lot of barriers to becoming a lawyer.” Nagel's message is he is a lawyer for the people, no matter a person’s background. Wisely, he advises those seeking an injury lawyer to always abide by these tenets when dealing with an insurance company: (1) have documentation no matter how small, (2) take photographs or video of the accident, (3) have medical documentation of your injury, (4) speak personally to a dedicated lawyer, and (5) be cautious of any attorney who practices multiple areas of law; they may not have enough specialized experience and knowledge.

      When asked what’s next for the legal advisor, he hopes to have a library named in his honor. “I want to do so much for the community that a building, an institution of learning, and an institution of knowledge is named after [me]. It’s achievable,” explains Nagel. In the short term, he will continue to help the community, be a trusted business owner, and have positive business referrals.

You can follow Daniel Nagel @danny.nagel.atl on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tic-Tok. Contact information: 844-GA-WRECK and

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