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Dr. Mya Speller Changes The Game For Independent Female Filmmakers

mya speller

As a renowned, highly sought-after, and well-respected mental health and substance abuse expert, Dr. Mya Speller Cullins has been a force to reckon with for over two decades. She tackles the issues often ignored and swept under the rug, including mental health, substance abuse, and opioid addiction, with compassion, education, and professionalism. Always striving for excellence, Dr. Mya has attained the highest levels of education, earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from North Carolina A & T and Capella Universities, respectively. She has also achieved a doctorate as a Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Studies & Human Behavior.

Dr. Mya's career achievements are unparalleled. She's not only a pioneer in her field but also a master filmmaker, having directed and produced motion pictures that captivate audiences worldwide. Her films, including "Behind The Veil," "Behind The Veil 2," "#Bffs," "Tit for Tat," "In My Father's House," and "The Representative," have garnered critical acclaim for their poignant storytelling and powerful messages. Her upcoming documentary, "Broken Pieces: The Nygil M Cullins Story," honors the memory of her late son and promises to shed light on important issues surrounding mental health and addiction.

An international speaker and panelist, Dr. Mya doesn't just talk the talk; she walks the walk, taking action for healthier families, individuals, and communities. She has provided invaluable resources such as job training, opioid treatment, mental health counseling, addiction and substance abuse recovery, and has consulted with numerous organizations and government officials. Dr. Mya's commitment to making a difference led her to establish multiple facilities, including methadone treatment clinics, recovery housing, community centers, and mental health centers.

Despite facing personal tragedy with the loss of her son, Nygil M. Cullins, Dr. Mya remains undeterred in her mission. She channels her pain into purpose, ensuring that Nygil's legacy lives on and advocating for improved care for vulnerable individuals. Her determination is unwavering as she continues to be a global influence and advocate, speaking out on behalf of those who would otherwise be voiceless. Dr. Mya Speller Cullins is not just qualified; she's equipped and empowered by her personal journey to effect lasting change and raise awareness for mental health and addiction issues.

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