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Judge Andrea Boyd Celebrates 200 Years as First African American Female Judge for City of McDonough

  ”Residents move here for a reason! Our city is a safe place, a great place to raise Children, and it’s clean.”- Judge Andrea Boyd

written by Dominque Huff

Judge Andrea Boyd is the First African American female judge in the City of McDonough. Boyd says ”Residents move here for a reason! Our city is a safe place, a great place to raise Children, and it’s clean.”

Now serving as Judge, Boyd is committed to fairness and impartiality. The Municipal Courts system makes sure the city of McDonough stays a safe and clean place for the citizens and local business owners. The municipal courts govern the code enforcement team making sure that business and residents maintain their properties. Again, the reason citizens chose McDonough is because it is a clean and safe environment. The courts handle everything from shoplifting to misdemeanor cases occurring within the city of McDonough, governed by the balance of the gamut.

The courts handle traffic cases as well, we have a beautiful environment. Our kids are a great place to raise your kids and the kids are here playing and we want to make sure that someone isn't speeding 80 MPH in a 25 mile per hour zone or in a school zone. it's all for the safety of the Children, we a have a strict policy on speeding infractions in school and residential areas 

“It is an honor to be here to serve the citizens of the city of McDonough and the city government. It is an honor to be a part of this government. This is a beautiful edifice that we have here. I would say the nicest courthouse in the square and some of my colleagues, I teased them about it, so it's wonderful.” says Judge Boyd.

I am the first female and first African American judge for the city of McDonough. So that is an honor in and of itself, in being the first, I am also honored to be in this new building, so new Judge, new Movement, new building in the City of McDonough, reflecting forward, celebrating 200 years.

Judge Andrea Boyd Reflects Forward: Celebrating 200 Years City of McDonough

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