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Junior Tank Kid Entrepreneur "Charmed" by Shannon B creates Handcrafted Jewelry Accessories

kid entrepreneur

Charmed By Shannon B

Question #1:Tell me about your and how you came up with the idea for your business?

  • In 2021, I embarked on an artistic journey, channeling my talents into a purpose-driven venture. With a heartwarming vision at its core, I established my own business, specializing in handcrafted jewelry and charm accessories. My mission is to offer a unique avenue for those grappling with social anxiety, igniting meaningful connections through her creations." My families nickname for me is Shannie Thus, Charmed by Shannie B was born.

 Question #2: How has being a part of the Junior Tank Competition with the Henry County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, helped you with building your business?
  • It has assisted with exposure within the community with making new business connections and working with other young entrepreneurs. Jr tank has also helped with branding and providing mentorship. 

 Question #3: What advice would you give to a starting entrepreneur?
  • Always stay connected to the core purpose that has propelled you to start your business, and let it be your anchor in times of difficulty. Its not about where you start that’s important but how you  finish is what counts. 

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