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Letter From The Editor: Facing Pain In Our Purpose: Why I Run?

Updated: 7 days ago


Written By Andreal Mallard, Sr.

Over the past 8 years God has blessed me with the ability to be a voice for my community. I am thankful and honored to be able to capture stories and tell these stories thru the mass communication medium of a magazine, podcast and TV network, giving those who partner with us the opportunity to reach their desired goals. I live with the understanding that the calling of the assignment is my sole mission and purpose in life giving the next generation examples and the tools necessary to understand the value of community.

This platform has allowed me to work with some great and amazing people, taking me on a roller coaster ride of covering stories like the murder of Ahmaud Arbrey, Kendrick Johnson, and many other African American males who have suffered injustice by the hands of hatred and racism in America. I've also had the experience and following the story of Matthew Baker, Jr who was locked up in Henry County Jail since the time we started our media network back in 2016. However this platform was started to be that voice and keep our village informed of the things happening in our community in an effort to bring truth and reality of eliminating the Stereotype of what mainstream media portrays to the masses.

From the streets to the church, the community to the courtroom, Game Changers Media Network has created relationships that are far more valuable than gold. Many people thought we started this in an effort to run for office and obtain a political position. At no point in this run, have I ever had the wish or desire to run for political office, nor do I wish to be in political office in the future. Money was never the motive and clout is not what it's about, if that was the case trust and believe we would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

It's all about passion and leaving a legacy for my family, my wife and kids and linage of my people, and while working with the Honorable Judge Stephen N. Knights, Jr. that passion and why, was reignited. Over the past year we've worked together building a relationship on values. Regardless whatever path we chose along the way, in such a time as this we learned that we both shared familiar similarity with a vision of legacy building.

So if you ask me why I run I would tell you it's because the pain I caused my family in bad choices I made, the people I hurt and may not even realized I hurt them because of the choices and I made. I would tell you because I became sick n tired of the narrative placed on young males of color who was told they would never get a second chance, I would tell you I run because if we educate the mind, we can elevate the spirit and eventually eliminate the Stereotype of a culture simply asking for answers!

I thank everyone who subscribes to our publication,  advertisers who partner with us along the way, and those brave enough to tell their story in hopes it will help somebody else and I'm thankful for it all! So why do I run??? #EEEsUp

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This Publication is Dedicated To Master Noah Bush, Whose Life was Taken and The Family Is Still Seeking Answers of What Happened To Their Child???

A Community Pleading For Answers


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