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Justice for Noah! A Community Looking For Answers: What Happened To Noah Bush?

Written by JB Armstrong

DISCLAIMER: To those who believe this article contains racist and or non-factual information, you have every right to your opinion. If any adults would like to have a discussion, let’s; however, do not come for me with nasty comments and statements that deny how this country has treated and in some cases, continue to treat some of its citizens and expect me to remain mute. That will not happen. Truth is truth. Accept it and let’s move on. We are on a mission to find out what happened to Noah.

Noah Bush was an eight year old vibrant child who lived with his family in my hometown, Jesup, Georgia. On Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at approximately 2100 hours, Noah was reported missing to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office (by his mother).

Earlier that day, Noah’s ten year old friend came by his home to get him so they could play together as children often do. He and his friend had recently stopped playing together because Noah felt bullied by him. But they got past that and became friends again, Noah’s aunt, Cierra Carter, told me.

At approximately 1730, Noah was seen on a ring camera walking with his ten year old friend, his friend’s thirteen year old brother and another thirteen year old child. Where the four boys were headed is unclear. At 1937 hours, the friend, his brother, their mother and the other child were seen on the same ring camera, coming back from the area they were headed to earlier. According to Aunt Cierra, Noah was not with them. Why was he not with them ? Where is Noah?

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 0900 hours, Noah’s lifeless body was discovered by a group of family and friends who had gone to look for him. He was head down in the creek on Mill Creek Lane. Noah’s croc shoes were discovered in the woods leading to the creek. It appeared as though he was running before he lost them. Noah’s family desperately needs the community’s help. Someone knows what happened to him and they want to know what happened to their baby.

They have heard several rumors including the three boys attacked Noah and threw him in the creek. Aunt Cierra stated Noah was deathly afraid of water. She said he would never have gone in that water voluntarily. She said even when the family visited water themed parks, Noah would not enter the water. He was too afraid. She believes someone placed him there and so do I. But who?

Furthermore, how could the mother of the other boys go and retrieve her children and not see Noah’s body in the water? Did they call her? What does she know? Is she covering for her children? We know she has a criminal history and has freqented the Wayne County Jail on several occasions. What is her role in this? These are some questions Noah’s family has. It is also rumored this same group of boys have bullied other children in Wayne County. This has yet to be confirmed and should be revealed in the investigation.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, my former agency, launched an investigation, which is still pending. Detective Crane, the lead detective, called in every available resource to assist with the search for Noah, including forty people from multiple agencies and two helicopters. As an investigator myself, I applaud his efforts.

However, as in other towns and cities, particularly small southern towns in this country. Law Enforcement and a certain group of people have quite a lengthy history, which dates back to the pre Civil Rights era or perhaps slavery.

We remember the many high profile cases between LE and this group. We remember a more recent 2020 case of 25 year old Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick , Georgia, which is only 40.5 miles North of Jesup, Georgia. Noah’s family is fully aware of this and has decided in order to get complete justice for Noah, they want the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to conduct a thorough independent investigation. All of us in Law Enforcement knows the GBI is an assisting agency and will only investigate if they are called by the head of the agency.

Will Sheriff R.E. “Chuck” Moseley consider the family’s wishes and call them since they have more resources and more experienced investigators?

This IS an election year. Such a decision could either make or break an incumbent sheriff depending on the circumstances. The Wayne County community is outraged at the death of this child as they should be. I am certain they will apply a little pressure to encourage Sheriff Moseley in calling for assistance from the GBI. At least I hope they will.

Let us continue to pray for Noah’s family members as they patiently wait for autopsy results. He was a delightful little boy with his whole life ahead of him. Such a tragic ending; life is so precious. All children are precious and their little lives matter; all of them. As a matter of fact, my grandson turned eight years old the day Noah’s body was discovered. I cannot imagine. Please continue to pray for Noah’s family. If you know anything about what happened to little Noah Bush, please contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office at 912.427.5970. Thank you.

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