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Reflect-Recharge-Refuel Your Business Therapy Retreat with Archers and Associates


Meet The Archers

Kascey Ifill and Rochelle Darden are Licensed Professional counselors providing retreat-based therapy for business owners, small businesses and entrepreneurs. We provide a safe, comfortable, and peaceful environment allowing growing businesses to “Refresh- Recharge and Refuel.” Many business owners refuse to normalize therapy for themselves and employees because of the negative societal stigma that has traditionally been tied to mental health. Admitting what you thought would work or a good idea that didn’t work, failed, can lead to embarrassment or feelings of defeat. Archers and Associates is dedicated to providing resources and tools to help teams understand the value and benefit small businesses need to reflect positive work environments. Our focus is to eliminate outside distractions while building enthusiasm and commitment, creating a sense of shared experience and bonding, helping companies work better together. This retreat is designed to set aside uninterrupted time to enhance problem solving skill building solutions allowing participants to take a step back and re-examine goals and objectives. The retreat offers a 3 course step program to Refresh Your Business, Recharge Your Staff and Refuel Your Brand giving business owners the tools to create innovative and healthy work environments. Some of the Challenges that affect employees in the workforce vary based on personalities and individual perceptions of what success for the company looks like. Without insufficient training, vision boards or interactive goal oriented settings, employees and staff can experience lack of motivation which creates poor work environments hindering a healthy workforce balance leading to trust issues and self value. In most businesses, management is responsible for work environment and the hiring process, here are four tips to improve the morale of your business and employee relations:

4 Tips To Get Your Mojo Back In The In The Office

a. Value your staff and provide a safe, clean, and secure workplace. Rewards go a long way. If there is a risk of being fired for poor performance there must be a reward or special recognition for great performance. b. Employee check-ins. When was the last time you checked up on your staff? Just like your car needs an oil change or maintenance, so does your staff. Taking care of your team improves performance and mindsets. c. Make sure your management team has the resources to do an efficient job. Put system's in place that will allow your management team to be the solution solvers of your business and employee relations. d. Create the value wheel. Leadership starts at the top and what comes from the head flows to the body. Establish the model of the behavior set you want your staff to exhibit.

Creating A Healthy Work Place A healthy work environment is essential, it will increase productivity, reduce employee turnover, and provide better consumer care. The goal is for entrepreneurs and staff or teams to leave the retreat with renewed energy, new techniques to aid in problem solving, reducing stress, and establishing healthy communication. Register your business for this retreat today by visiting us on our website at

Sponsorship packages are available. For up to date information, follow us on social media @thearchersandassociates to stay connected and get more tips on how to Refresh-Recharge- Refuel.

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