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Understanding The Business of Marriage with Antonio & Margo Taylor: A Beauty To Her Beast


"A Beauty To Her Beast"

Written by Richard Stewart

Marriage, work, kids, blending a family and being an entrepreneur is hard! Yet it's not impossible! Not impossible at all. Some couples do it better than others. Antonio and Margo Taylor are an example of the latter. A South Georgia power couple that never lets anything get in the way of their partnership, their union. Both as lovers and business people.

Says Margo: You see couples and you see people on social media or events but it's like you really don't do the work that has to be put in to cultivate and even for people looking to get married. Antonio adds We will never put up that its perfect. We are already going to real about what’s going on. It is that “realness", that ability to be open to each other and their families that make them the perfect power couple!! How did it all begin? How did they become capable of reaching such heights professionally and personally. Margo explains “How did we find each other? He found me because he was my training officer when I became a cop. So that’s how I met him. So he trained me. We actually were really really cool good friends for some time and then after that started dating. Antonio interjects “So basically she was a new cop she had a crush on me Ha ha ha.” Margo continues "We met years later and started dating shortly after that we decided to get married and start our lives together. We had a blended family situation. I had three kids and he had two. They were all teenagers at the time. While doing that we were cops and I started..I did a lash class while I was a cop. Struggled through it but he encouraged me to keep going. I told him if I can name my business and I can see it, then I can do it. Antonio came up with Sheek Studio.”

While the success of Sheek Studios is impressive by any measure it was by no means an “overnight success” Plenty of thoughtful prayer, planning and preparation went into its design and execution. Margo was a police officer for eight and a half years before launching her business from the basement in their home. Once again the couple's teamwork came into play. “So I started Sheek Studio and was doing my thing for like six, seven months and then I resigned from policing because Antonio was like, "Hey I am policing I can go ahead and handle things and hold it down you go ahead and start your business.” Antonio adds “The first thing I believed in her vision, I think that was the first thing. Margo is very confident in what she do and my whole thing is. I am going to push you to your greatness.”

For Antonio the concept of personal freedom was a huge motivator for starting his own business. “Working a 9-5 in any job you don’t have any freedom. So for us it was always about the freedom. I have always felt if you do things the right way the money will come. So money has never and will never my motivation.” Yet it was also his entrepreneurial spirit that got him into business for himself even while serving the community as a police officer . “So years ago I had a party bus. So I have always been in transportation. So I always said if I am ever able to go back I am going to do it a little differently. I am going to do it a little more luxury. So as I cop I had a party bus on the side. I wanted to provide people a safe way to party. Most people go out and get a DUI and kill somebody unfortunately . I love showing people a good time. So If I can show you a good time, safely..well that’s right in my wheelhouse. So that’s how platinum was born.

Relationships are what take your business to the next level. Now we are doing things with Coke, INT and all that came from relationships.”

It is easy to say that Margo and Antonio are very much in love with each other and their blended family. They both credit their teamwork for their success in marriage and in business, says Margo “I have clients I meet and tell them about Platinum luxury fleets. He has clients he meets, he tells them about Sheek Spa.” And the lovebirds spend as much time on their marriage as they do on their businesses. Antonio feels this is a very important step in a healthy union. “For me you have to have real conversations, you have to be upfront with each other and supportive of each other. Remember if you are going to be a business owner you have to be able to pivot and you have to be able to think outside the box. As it relates to marriage wise we always separate the two. So at a certain time at night everybody off their phone. We tap into the marriage. We spend our intimate time talking and that’s daily because it's very important.”

Margo agrees as she explains “A lot of prayer. A lot of trusting each other. Definitely trusting him as a man. Even when we blended the families my thought process was “hey I love the man that you are and if our sons can be a portion of that I am okay with it. So for him to even take the challenge on I was grateful for that. Just having that full faith in your spouse. To be like you know what? The man that you are, I trust that you know that you will build our kids and do what you need to do for them.”With this type of commitment to the community around them, their families and each other. The sky is truly the limit!

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