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Best Fried Chicken Hot N Fresh Out The Kitchen Big Chic King

Family Owned and Operated Business Expands Franchise Brand

written by Shawn Raleigh

Jason and his wife Edrenzie Mckenzie had a vision. A Vision to expand! A vision to do more! A vision to grow the family business! On November 3rd, they will begin to celebrate and embrace a new journey as they prepare for the grand opening of Big Chic King. After spending countless hours behind the scenes and many late nights strategizing, they finally came up with a concept that allowed them to take their business model to the next level.

The Mckenzie's are no strangers to entrepreneurship and taking chances to get the results they are looking for. For years they have invested and made the moves necessary to get them where they are today! One of the most vital moves made was when they taught their children how to run the business and the process to run the business efficiently, growing into a family owned and operated business with multiple locations. The city of McDonough welcomed them and supported the business with open arms drawing County wide attention on that good ole chicken hot and fresh out the kitchen.

With the demand so high for that good chicken, it prompted the Mckenzie's to open up a second location in Stockbridge, GA where you can now get the great taste of breakfast, lunch and dinner and the Big Chic King Stockbridge. Stop by in the morning and get a taste of those mouth watering biscuits with the gravy or try a Breakfast platter with grits, eggs, bacon or sausage (with the choice of beef, pork or chicken) or dine in for lunch or dinner and get a taste of the best fried chicken in South Metro Atlanta with a side of green beans, mash potatoes, corn, rolls and vegetables with the feel of a home cooked meal.

Talk about good cooking! Mrs. Mckenzie is a master in the kitchen and like the ole folks use to say, "Ummm You put your elbow in them pots baby!" And when we stopped by for the food tasting, it was nothing less than that! Jason is more so the operations manager running day to day task to keep things going and flowing smoothly but as we interviewed them he showed it still has the skills to drop the chicken in that grease and make it come out golden fast, friendly and fresh just like the motto say! While working together they make a great team building a blueprint to success that can be passed down generation after generation!

With the increase and demand, The Mckenzie's were put into a position to hire employees from the community. Working nonstop hours around the clock just wasn't going to cut and they knew they had to build on the building. With the opening of the second location, they are now looking to expand and open multiple locations across the South metro Atlanta area creating jobs with the feeling of family. Jason says "It's not about just having workers, it's about building a family and everyone in that family has a responsibility."

With that philosophy the Mckenzie's know that they are set up to win in their Community. Find out more about this great business online by visiting Big Chic King also has a nonprofit organization by the name of the Big Chic King Foundation that feed those that are hungry during the holiday season. Stay tuned for more updates and information on what's next happening at the Big Chic King empire.

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