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Birthing The Baby- Understanding The Business of Marriage

Birthing The Baby

With the process of birth comes the process of pain. Marriage in terms of today's mindset is something like a thing of the past or a no go to some people who are not willing to go thru the experience of sharing their life with another person however God has blessed me with a unique group of individuals who share their story of understanding the business of marriage. As for me, I've been married to my amazing wife Tabitha Mallard going on 12 years and the journey has been one I wouldn't trade for the world. We created 2 beautiful girls together and have grown in many areas to get to where we are today. It hasn't all been peaches and creme and it hasn't always been a walk in the park but together thru counseling and growing with others couples we've been able to create a system of balance to honor the "I Do, til Death Do Us Part."

It Starts At Home First

For us home is the first order of business, before the careers, before the job, before anything else, what we manage everyday is making sure home is taken care of. Their have been times where I've done it all, times where sh has handled everything and time where we've done it together and thru the process, it was done regardless underling the end goal is to win together. It's not a 50/50 thing, it's a 100/100 situation where we bringing everything we have to the table as one! We started our business as a couple from the day we were married to now building a call center business from the ground up evolving into a media and advertising company with additional business adventures in real estate investment, photography and a little dabble in the food industry. Some businesses make more than the other and some not as much, it's always been important to pour into each other's dreams and goals always keeping God first and as the head of our union!

Ministry In The Message

I pray this publication empowers a relationship and touches somebody heart to take them into their next level. I'm thankful for all the couples who shared their story with Game Changers Magazine and look forward to all the awesome feedback from our readers on what impacted your life by reading this publication. Now that the baby is here and ready, feel free to share of vision and mission with family and friends and let's put a positive light on what marriage is designed to be and the purpose it was designed for! I dedicate this 6 year anniversary edition to my father and mother the late Andrew Mallard and Arlene Mallard, who raised me and taught me to be the man I am today. And the late Marvin & Lavetta Jamison! We got this! #EEEsUp

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