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Evolving With Growth: Michelle Amarra Journey of Becoming A Community Champion

Updated: 4 days ago

Michelle Amarra

written by Dominique Huff

Growing up in the Southern Crescent, Michelle Amarra thought she was like everyone else: she enjoyed suburban living and suburban schools, went to college, and then entered the workforce.  While she did complete her studies at Eagles Landing High School and Gordon College, she became an addict and a single mother.  When she sobered up at the age of 32, she never envisioned that she would be an entrepreneur.  She had the opportunity to acquire Southern Crescent Broadcasting, a local cable network that served the region in 2014.

“I was two years out of treatment, a single mother and recovering addict who was working for my pastor,” she recalled. “I told my pastor about it, and he said he would help me. When I took this over, I knew nothing about television.” Amarra is the sole owner of the business, but she quickly realized she had to create programming, sell advertising, and, most importantly, maintain and grow the viewership. “We had many content holes that needed to be filled, and this network ran 24/7/365. I had the chance to evolve it into a streaming service on all the apps and develop some quality programming,” she said.  

Southern Crescent Broadcasting became SCB Video TV Marketing in 2019 with the changing media landscape. Viewer tastes shifted from scheduled programming to ‘on demand,’ and platforms such as YouTube and Facebook allowed producers and creators to access a larger audience than South Metro Atlanta. 

Michelle Amarra

“We had to change with the times as technology advanced and consumers had increased accessibility to media tools. Businesses started using localized shots instead of stock photography,” she said. “Now, you can do many things with your cell phone.”

Keeping true to its television roots, SCB Video TV Marketing offers television services, business marketing services, and content creation. The firm also offers website development and management, media buys on various platforms, including billboards, Google My Business management, and SEO consulting.  

For many media entrepreneurs, the shift was natural if they wanted to keep the doors open, but Amarra was concerned about the closure of a beloved local network. “It was difficult for me because I was afraid the community would not accept the change in our business model. When we had the network, you could find us at every community event doing something because I love McDonough,” she said. “Now, I see myself in a position to sell McDonough to the world, not just to itself.” Being a native, she witnessed Henry County evolving from the boondocks to a suburbanized county.  

“I remember when we had no street lights and the one gas station that is now surrounded by tons of development closed at night,” she fondly recalls. “Many natives don’t like the growth and what’s happening, but I love it.  We have something special here; others want a piece of it. ”She credits the community along with her faith on recovering from addiction.

Michelle Amarra

“I would not be here today if not for this place,” she said. “I love giving back every chance I get. ”She’s not done yet. Now, she is operating Building 140. Like other things in her life, it started as one thing but evolved into something else. Initially wanting to put a painting studio in Downtown McDonough, she saw the need for a collaborative workspace as more people were entering entrepreneurship and wanted to serve local residents and business owners.  “I wanted to create a space for entrepreneurs to build community. Whether it's office space, meeting space, or just some space to get out of the house, I wanted it here in McDonough,” she said. “It was a need as all of our office suites are leased.  We have space that can be used for various events that may not have the budget or fit for hotels or banquet halls.”

Michelle Amarra

Just like she helped content creators bring their television programs to life with SCB and assisted business owners with promoting themselves to the region with SCB TV and Video, Building 140 will now allow business owners to grow and thrive in their backyard.  “I will always contribute and give back to McDonough, and this is my next level of doing so,” she concluded. 

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Michelle Amarra

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