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"Embracing Change: A Councilman's Journey in Serving the City of McDonough"

I represent the people, for the people who voted for me and for those who didn't, I plan to serve the citizens regardless, in my district as the people's voice at City Hall.”- Councilman Scott Reeves

written by Marvella Nesbitt

Scott Reeves was born and raised in McDonough, GA He is one of the few people on the council that's been here all his life for almost 65 years. His grandfather started the theater on the square Clay Plaza as he was raised in the show business. His family owned and operated the movie theater for a number of years. Reeves mother was a local native and his dad was from Milner, Georgia, near Barnesville, GA. His parents met in college, got married and moved to McDonough residing in the community growing up with his brothers and sisters. Reeves is no stranger to the council seat; as a second generation councilman, Reeves father was a city councilman for 22 years along with a sister and brother that served on the council as well.

The last thing on his mind was serving following the family tradition but his family pushed him to put up or shut up. A few years back, there was a vacancy on the council and Reeves was determined in his mind to put up. At the time, Councilman Reeves felt very naive about serving and had certain things that interested him, like zoning issues. The more he became involved, he fell in love with the process and took it on as a ministry, which was the only way he was willing to serve. He fell in love with the people, being a part of a council that serves people, the citizens and values the employees and the staff of the city and feels it's been a real blessing, when he never really thought about much as becoming an elected official. Being a part of this council is very meaningful and part of his decision to recently rerun for another four years.

“I feel like we’ve done a lot of great things and have many more great

things left to do”. I’ve enjoyed working with the people on the council and made great friends that he feels will become lifelong friends which anybody will agree to, from being able to get on television or online and see other councils and commissions and how they operate. We are a very, amicable group of folks that love each other. We all love the Lord and yield to his glory, doing the job that we do as a team.” says Councilman Reeves.

As the representative of the  third district of the city, Reeves is over McDonough Main Street and a member of the Main Street Board in partnership with a great team of volunteers who have accomplished quite a bit promoting The Main Street District, which has been highly successful over the past few years. As the city prepares for a bright future, Main Street is looking forward to a complete landscape overdue on the square and it's going to be a big deal which citizens and tourists really appreciate. With other great projects in the works as well in the coming future. 

As a youngster growing up to now, Councilman Reeves  has seen the growing pains and the struggles to bring people to come together. The city and MainStreet District is focused on Diversity and Reeves is appreciative of the way the council operates from that perspective. “they're my brothers and sisters, regardless of their background, race or ethnic ethnicity. I represent the people, for the people who voted for me and for those who didn't, I plan to serve the citizens regardless, in my district as the people's voice at City Hall.” says Councilman Reeves.

The mayor has a great vision for Reflection Forward as she leads the council preparing for this historic time. It's an exciting time and I'm glad as an older guy that people are letting me be a part of the vision. The voters gave me that opportunity to come and be their voice for the next four years and the goal is to make a difference. A difference that will be a positive movement for the next 200 Years to come. Reeves wishes the city a happy birthday celebrating 200 years and is thankful to  all of the people involved in the everyday operations of the city apart from  preparing for this type of celebration.

Councilman Scott Reeves Reflects Forward Celebrating 200 Years City of McDonough

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