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Reflecting Back Looking Forward To Progress in The City of McDonough

Some Call It MacDonough, Some Call it McDonough But Its Still Home for Many of Us Who Have Transitioned to This Great City.- Andreal Mallard.

Letter from The Editor

In 2011, I moved to McDonough GA, starting a new life. It was the start of a new family and along with my wife Tabitha we were looking for a place to raise our children in a more rural area and be close to the city at the same time. My mother and most of my family lived in or near the area and it felt like the perfect place to call home! Over the years I met many amazing people who I cherish that are still in my life today, and I must say my wife called the jackpot putting us in a space where we could live, work and play. 

Over time the city has grown tremendously, and the culture is definitely different here from what it was years ago! Although we moved here thinking we made the best choice, many of our friends from the North Metro Atlanta area were uncomfortable with the narrative of Henry County. Even with a thriving education system and the sweetness of buying a home on decent land, the stigma still played in the minds of most people ``Don't Come to Henry County". After becoming involved in the community meeting the people in the area I didn't realize God had placed me on the land for such a time as this. Not knowing the work I was called here to do, never in a million years would I believe it would be a game changer! 

Fight boots on the Ground with many of the now leaders of the community, over the past 8 years the change of the guard has occurred and we found ourselves walking in a season of first! The old way was dying and a new wave was coming in, and the journey is something I wouldn't trade for the world! The footprints of those who paved the way to get this city where it is today will always be honored and to say the least I'm blessed to be able to document the Blacksville community and all the great historical districts of this city first hand!

I would like to thank Mayor Sandra Vincent for giving me this opportunity to be a part of Reflection Forward and trusting Game Changers Magazine with the vision she has to move us forward! To All the great people who support this publication, I thank you and appreciate you guys with all my heart! Get ready Reflection Forward: Celebrating 200 Years City of McDonough! #EEEsUp 

Mayor Sandra Vincent Speaks on Preserving The History of Blacksville

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