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For Justice & Peace And Equality Now The World Will See "That"s Why I Run"

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Written by Shawn Raleigh

"Why I Run" is not just a song but a journey. A journey that began a long time ago. A time where we were brought to a foreign land against our will. A time where our ancestors endured extreme physical abuse. A time where if it said "Whites Only" we were forbidden to enter. A time where we couldn't sit in the front of the bus. A time where many fought and died for our progress. A time where our progression handed us systematic oppression. A time where crime and poverty began to plague our communities. A time where we fell victim to our circumstances and became products of our environment. An environment that was well designed with an invisible ceiling. A ceiling that said there is no hope.

No, this is not just a song its a journey! A journey that we have been on for over 400 years. And we are still pressing our way searching and hoping to find justice peace and equality. We do it for Ahmad! We do it because of how far we've come. From our hands and knees to our feet, we still believe, that if we continue to stand, we will achieve! That's why "WE RUN"

After witnessing the parents of Ahmaud speak publicly of their son's murder, Rodgers Jr. was at a loss of words and tears. But it wasn't long before God gave him a vision. A vision of a voice that would not only speak to the situation but to the entire struggle Blacks have been going through historically. God wanted him to use his gift in music. And he understood that it would take a collective group of gifted musically gifted vessels. They all brought their "I" together and made it a "We" together. Together they gave us a song that speaks for us to keep fighting, keep praying, keep running. Running to take a stand. That's "Why We Run!"

Still I believe

There's no stopping

We'll keep on fighting

For Justice and Peace

And Equality

Now the world they will see

"That's "Why I Run"

Who is Larry Rodgers Jr?

Larry E Rogers Jr was born in 1975 in Lubbock TX to Larry and Patricia Rogers Sr. Around the age of 3 his mother noticed that he had A love for music/drums as he sat in the lap of the church drummer and played the drums. Larry begin to take interest in singing and the piano. His mother found a teacher to teach him and Larry started singing the church children's choir as well as the school chorus. While in the school chorus he won numerous of division 1 ratings in solo and ensemble festivals, auditioned for and made the New Mexico All State Chorus. He also won the National Choral Award in 1990 and was named in the Who's who in America for music. Larry began to play keys at the local church and develop his ear for production. He relocated to Georgia in 1994 and things took off from there. He has been noted to have had a great influence over many of the musicians and singers in the Brunswick region and abroad training others as he continued to develop his skills in performance, teaching, songwriting and producing. He has traveled and played with many noted gospel artists and produced several local projects. Presently he co wrote and produced the proclaimed New Global ANTHEM 'Why I Run' . Larry orchestrated this hit single and invited many of the local artists he had previously worked with to join their voices together for such a project. 'Why I Run' is a socially conscious Anthem that highlighted the injustices that are happening around the world especially right there were he resides with shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. He felt inspired to write a song to unite his community and take a stand against the injustices. The ANTHEM took like wildfire. One of his mottos in life is " you will overcome obstacles, take extreme measures to achieve the desired results.

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