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Sedrick Day Is Revolutionizing The Culture for Lovers of The Leaf with the House of Cigars

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Written By Andreal Mallard

The House of cigars is that good old southern hospitable place to go. A place to chill, listen to some soft music, play cards, watch sports and socialize. With a growing culture across the metro Atlanta area amongst many nationalities of all kinds, there is no doubt the cigar industry is growing at substantial rate by African American business owners. Sedrick Day, the owner and operator of House of Cigars is creating innovative ideas to keep the culture thriving on the southside. Day says

"The old neighborhood barber shops are gone. Back when older guys and the kids came in and had real life conversations that meant something. I think a lot of guys my age felt a familiar vibe in the cigar lounge. It’s an escape from all the foolishness and a place where two different people can come together over a leaf and forget about your troubles for a little while."


As a new owner in the business, Sedrick has a lot to learn and is still learning what works and what doesn't for his business and consumers desires. His goal is to provide a comfortable place to smoke while enjoying a great and growing ambience of cigar selection. The House of cigars prides itself to live up to the name by staying committed to offering a selection of cigars of all varieties from across the world with the best select brands in the humidor.

Considered as one of the most laid back spots for lovers of the leaf, HOC coins itself by providing a premium selection of cigars filling the room with the aroma of the culture.

Recently, in partnership with Jerome Renae Premium Cigars and Myles Select Vodka, the House of Cigars hosted "Cigar Week" packing out the house with an awesome turnout from local and national lovers of the leaf and is grateful to have the opportunity to support one of the largest platforms for business owners in the network. This was the very first experience since the business opened celebrating with cigars, select beverages and a live DJ. The theme was “we stay lit” and Day's ultimate objective was to insure everyone experienced a great time. Events and netork mixers are definitely a top priority on the calendar at the lounge, along with a continued effort to grow the humidor.

The House of Cigars offers an aray of top select brands, however the "Father Cigars" are the top sellers! From the Jaime Garcia, The Judge, Flor de las Antillas and the infused sticks to the Tabak, fat bottom Betty and the GTO Hypnotic, these are just a few of the selections HOC offers and move at a consistent pace.

The House of Cigars is welcome to helping new brands distribute their sticks on the market offering multiple platforms to help Cigar producers reach their goal in South Atlanta Metro market. Bases on the demographic of the area they serve, if you produce a good stick at a fair market price your chances of growing your brand are high. If you are a leaf producer, looking to get your product on the market, feel free to share a few samples with HOC and this team of cigar lovers are more than willing to give feedback on the product, providing multiple opinions for placement consideration.


Learn more about this business by visiting the website at and Follow @houseofcigarsllc on all social media platforms for up to date information of what's happening and new brands available.

5 tips for business owners looking to start a cigar bar:

1-Have a vision of what you want your cigar lounge to be. Bring something different if you can.

2- stay true to your vision

3- keep looking for innovative ways to improve

4- don’t forget about the leaf. Make it the star

5- provide a comfortable space for your guests

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