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Johnny Daniel Vision To Pay It Forward for The Youth and Building Better Communities Thru Entrepreneurship

Written by Michael Brown

Welcome to Johnny Daniel & Supreme 's Barbershop. Johnny who is originally from McDonough county since third grade lives in Henry Co with his family. A licensed barber since 2011 started his venture 11 years ago at 151 Jonesboro road. Once established with his own barbershop Johnny vowed to give back to other barbers & the community. Supremes Barbershop would host events & celebrations particularly for the youth. 

A hands on guy who serves not just behind the chair, but going into the schools & community buildings thriving to enhance an entrepreneur feel among the people. Johnny said he noticed kids often have limited views for career options because more focus is put on things such as sports, rapping, etc. The idea is to show other opportunities available through educational opportunities & even barbershops. 

He wants to teach the community entrepreneurial ideas connecting education with purpose & consistency. He encourages kids to focus, keep the grades up and be something for yourself & the community. 

A local McDonough native Mr. Daniels has seen lots of transitions in Henry Co. He’s seen the merging of ethnicity into McDonough. Johnny says he cares about the effectiveness of leadership within our community as it makes a difference with entrepreneurship & diversity. Now he sees Henry Co buzzing with life. The diversification brings varied ideas & thoughts to grow our community together as people. 

Johnny believes the youth of Henry Co today will help grow our community by using their voices & talents. Between church’s, Boys & girls club’s, and just good citizens, all will be the difference to shape our futures by keeping our youth out of trouble & with some sort of focus. Our schools are seeing changes for the better and so is our business community Johnny states. 

Growing up with peers in the community as youth to aged men in our community he makes it aware that upbringing helped shape our current businesses with pride. He sees active mentors, coaches, teachers, counselors that came from his friends & family. 

Johnny continues to build business within the community with respect among all businesses; not just partners, but family. 

Mr. Daniels says the biggest keys to keep our community alive is to keep it growing. With many new additions to small businesses, our community branding & marketing brings a great cultural feel. It's in the small businesses that bring pride to our community. 

Johnny feels the infrastructure is being built so much better in Henry Co by fixing roadways, adding more networking events & adding bigger conglomerates. Johnny feels the small businesses are the foundation of our community. 

Support Supreme’s Barbershop and say hello to Johnny Daniels.

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