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Junior Tank Entrepreneur Vibe Alone Launched Business Advocating Against Bullying

vibe alone

Question #1:Tell me about your and how you came up with the idea for your business?

 - I struggled with embracing all the negative things going on in our world (ie, police brutality, bullying, suicide, etc). There were so many times that I heard of people being bullied or not accepting their appearance due to what others thought or said. 

One day, I was in conversation with a friend where we brainstormed on starting a business.  As I became more focused on my goals I decided to name my business 'Vibe Alone'.  I noticed when I vibed alone I worked better at motivating myself while pushing to do things that motivated me.  We all put on masks when out in the world when if we stay true to believing in ourselves we all can gain gratification; in essence Vibe Alone. 


Question #2: How has being a part of the Junior Tank Competition with the Henry County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, helped you with building your business?

- Being a part of Junior Shark Tank has helped me in various ways.  Shy to speaking in public, I am slowly overcoming this.  I watched my vision come to life.  Vibe Alone started with just hats but with the help of Shark Tank, I have continued to push myself to create additional items with various color patterns.   The Junior Shark Tank business plan model has enhanced my vision to the point of me wanting to get a degree in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.  


Question #3: How do you plan to use Social Media to expand your business?

- Considering Vibe Alone is founded on the principles of self sufficiency, I am navigating myself based on feedback gained from Influencers first.  My next step is to utilize social media platforms to get the message of Vibe Alone out to everyone.  I must admit my hesistance has been on ensuring I trademark appropriately before getting on all accounts.   

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