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Nobody Likes Change, But Change Is Good! Trisha Morgan Reflects Forward Celebrating City of McDonough

Updated: May 25

“I'm here for them as they are for me, I’m here to make sure we are transparent in the things we do,” says Morgan. 

written by Marvella Nesbitt

PaTrisha Morgan started in 2003 as the assistant court clerk and worked her way up to a deputy clerk in 2005 to become the full time court administrator for the City of McDonough. Her job is to ensure the court runs smoothly with her team and support staff under the administration of Judge Andrea Boyd. As a court administrator, Morgan understands it takes a village and everybody has a part for the municipal court to operate functionally. Trisha is committed to helping citizens communicate with the court staff, probation staff, and all other needs at the Municipal Courts of The City of McDonough!

For Morgan, The City of McDonough courtroom is a very friendly atmosphere when citizens walk in the building. from the guard at the door to the ladies at the desk, people that come to court, and it is their first time coming, they don't know what to expect. So providing the best customer service experience is a passion of hers to be nice, and respectful providing information to the people who didn't ask to be here. Maybe it was an accident, a ticket, or maybe they've never gotten a ticket, however when they come inside our courthouse, and here people are treated good like people deserve to be. Be respectful, be helpful in situations that arise, diffuse a situation before it gets worse and take care of the citizens and that's what we pride ourselves in doing.

Now under the leadership of Judge Boyd, Morgan has worked with three prior judges during her tenure with the city of McDonough and says “it's been rewarding, when you meet a lot of people, meet many of the locals, you're able to meet to connect with people that does not often happen in larger communities creating that homelike feeling.Back when Trisha started in 2003, many of the locals would come by and visit, even if they had a ticket or not, they would come by but many have moved on or passed away, but this community has always felt like family and she still has people in the community that come by and visit just to say, hey! Morgan is one of the longest serving staff members within the Municipal courts for the city, and is considered as the last one of the originals, what most call the last of the Mohicans!

Nobody likes growth but growth and change are good. The direction of the City with Mayor Vincent, doing great things and continuing to do great things to keep moving the city forward to even better things. I'm excited for the city of McDonough and its growth. Although nothing stays the same, that small town feel is what Morgan cherishes since she started with the city in 2003. Everybody knows everybody, now you can run to the grocery store and you may see people that you don't know and that’s part of change and change is how we grow, it’s inevitable. This city is more diverse now, with people of many different backgrounds and cultural density.

Patricia feels the diversity of the city is amazing and has always embraced diversity through her lifetime not looking at the color of a person but the character of the individual, for her diversity is everybody all inclusive working together for common goals. Some people don't embrace diversity, some have issues with diversity but it's essential we grow together serving the city, the citizens, regardless of the stigma of the court of Justice For All.  Our goal here is to create an open space of communication with the city and citizens, and be available for serving the needs of the people as a court administrator.

One of Trisha’s favorite places to eat is Pasta Max on The Square, treating herself to the delicious bread and Pasta as well as visiting many of the local shops in the downtown district of the City of McDonough.

Court Administrator Trisha Morgan Celebrates 200 Years for The City of McDonough: Reflection Forward

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