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NY Louie Leverages Community Development Through Small Business & Strategic Relationships


By: Dominique Huff

Many Henry County residents love going to the Royal Sports Bar on North Henry Boulevard to relax, enjoy the vibes, and watch a few games. For the patrons, it’s about having something local to do without leaving the county.  For NY Louie, it’s about community building.  It’s more than just a sports bar. 

“I want to keep people here in Stockbridge,” he said. “We are making Henry County a destination for locals to have something to do and enjoy themselves without getting on Interstate 75 North.” Growing up in North Manhattan in the Washington Heights community, he saw much diversity and unity and believed that Metro Atlanta needed to see more of such.  It was already occurring in North Metro Atlanta in Gwinnett County; now it was time for Henry County. “Music brings us all together. We wanted to combine cultures as we share music and cultural tastes,” he said. “One thing we do with our business is that we are part of the community as we are in the community.” 

As a business on the North Henry Boulevard corridor, he wants to see more efforts made to address issues such as working with the police, code enforcement, and helping people experiencing homelessness and others in need. He would also like to see public transportation in the county to move people without reliable transportation. “This takes all of us; we cannot solely rely on the government to do it,” he said. “We work with several non-profits in the area. We need to create more job opportunities for our residents.”

One of his business secrets is leveraging Stockbridge Amphitheatre programming schedule to build promotions for his business. “The amphitheater is a good catalyst, and while we build around them, we capture their energy all year round,” he added. As a community builder, he also has a construction business.  Through his firms, he has provided jobs and business opportunities for Henry County residents as he sees himself through them.  He gave his education at the University of The Streets, which taught him respect. 

“We gave some folks their first and second chances, and we took a chance on many folks ourselves,” he said. “I can relate as I lived in homeless shelters and had struggles myself.”Louie works through all of this while he awaits a new kidney for himself from suffering from chronic kidney disease.  As he fights through his illness, he continues to fight for Henry County. “I teach my children to fight, and I teach others to fight,” he said. “You have to stand up for what you want.” 

He is instilling his values of investing, business, and education in his children as he has done with Henry County and New York City children. From cheesesteaks, tacos, salads, home renovations, and events, Louie is building a name in Henry County and wants to take others with him. 

NY Louie Speaks on Building Strong Relationships: The Key To Success on VOTV

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