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Understanding Diabetes, Thyroid, and Endocrinology with Dr. Ronald Watts

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Written by Chilton Stewart

Dr. Ronald S. Watts is an Endocrinologist. A very successful and well sought after endocrinologist  who has his own practice in Eagles Landing GA. “In Stockbridge GA. We treat many patients with Diabetes type 1 or type 2,Thyroid conditions including hyper and hypothyroidism. We also treat women with hormone problems such as menopause.”

As a renowned Endocrinologist Dr. Watts specializes in the treatment and prevention of diseases in the glands. “Endocrinology is the study of disorders that affect the endocrine glands.” These glands include glands from the pituitary gland in your head to the ovaries for women.”

Before starting his own practice he noticed the rising trends of diabetes in the Black community and decided to start his own practice to help combat the spread and symptoms of what can be a fatal disease.

“Diabetes has been on the rise for the past three or four decades and it will continue to rise for the next few decades. So I just saw a need or a demand for that service we provide at our office. “Diabetes overall is defined as the elevation of blood sugar usually above one hundred. More specifically if your average glucose known as the hemoglobin a1c is above 6.5% then you are considered to have diabetes. 90% of Americans even worldwide for that matter have type 2 diabetes and about 10 % of Americans have type 1 diabetes.”

Now if you are confused about the difference between the two diseases you are not alone. Many people even miss the signs that they have the affliction until its advanced many years. Type 2 diabetes is more common its when the body is still making insulin or you have insulin assistance therefore the glucose rises because the insulin is not able to control the glucose. Usually this is a combination of genetics, poor diet and lack of activity or exercise and this condition progresses. Typically it’s more common as you get older.”

“Type 1 diabetics have a deficiency when they do not make insulin so therefore insulin is required for treatment of type 1 diabetes.”

However as stated above he also deals with the issues of all the glands including many of the ailments associated with the thyroid. “The second most common condition we treat is thyroid disorders. That’s a category that includes hypothyroidism underactive thyroid, hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid enlarged thyroid or thyroid nodules which a growth within the thyroid gland like a lump within the thyroid gland. 90% the thyroid nodules or benign. 10% of the thyroid nodules may become cancer or are cancers that require a biopsy to show that the thyroid nodule is cancer or benign. An enlarged thyroid may not cause any symptoms if it's mild. A severely enlarged thyroid may cause trouble symptoms such as swallowing problems, or discomfort in the neck. There are many different components or facets to the thyroid condition.``

So if you find yourself diagnosed with any of these ailments and need proper medical care. Contact Dr. Watts and his medical practice for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Business Is Your Health


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