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Understanding The Business of Marriage: There's No Place Like Holmes


Interview with Bruce & Toni Holmes in Game Changers Magazine:

1) The Holmes are a very profound couple here in the South Metro Atlanta area, known also on a nationwide scale, who are Bruce and Toni Holmes and how did you get to where you are today?

We both are community servants at heart. What brought us together was our deep desire to help families and children throughout the South Metro. Toni took the Bruce Holmes Youth Foundation to the next level as the President of the non-profit organization. She along with community supporters, designed the curriculum, organized the exposure trips for the children and directed all the fundraising initiatives so that participants didn’t need funding to participate. As President, she was instrumental in the organization of one of the largest annual fundraisers around Metro Atlanta, The Bruce Holmes’ Commissioner’s Ball. Both educated in the Big “10” Toni as a Spartan and Bruce as a Golden Gopher. We connected and together built the Bruce Holmes Youth Foundation. A mentoring program that has benefited our community for over 12 years. Both are members of numerous organizations whose sole objective is to help and serve communities throughout Metro Atlanta.

2) You guys have a number of businesses under your belt as a team, what are some of the businesses you have together and what made you go into business together?

We are the President and Vice President of BIG “10” Development which is the umbrella company for our construction and media companies. We realize that combining our strengths will put us in a “no lose” position. We also do HR consulting as well.

3) Not only are you in business together but the Holmes work together serving the community thru many fashions, how do you balance home, community and work life and separate it all to keep the fire going in the relationship?

Since we are naturally engaged for the same reason, our desire for our people as well as our community is our mission and it’s what drives us. However, we don’t allow the mission to interfere with our home life. We naturally live in this space. Most people live an entire life and never find their soulmate. In our case, we just happened to bump into one another at a lemonade stand.

4) Now on the forefront most people see you Mr. Holmes in the public eye, but in studying and doing the research we found out Mrs Holmes is no stranger herself to building strong connections behind the scenes so to say, which looks like an awesome blueprint to success, how important is using your strengths and knowing weakness to make it all work and why?

Toni is a brilliant woman. It didn’t take very long after meeting her, I knew that I had just bumped into someone special. If you put her in a room, it won’t take very long for everyone to immediately recognize that she has a unique ability to lead. She has become a leader in every organization she has joined from the Henry County Chamber to the Piedmont Rockdale Hospital Authority. She currently works as a lead executive over Talent Management for Rockdale County which has helped expand her reach into national leadership roles nationwide with the National Association of Counties (NACo)

5) What's next for the Holmes, anything we can share with our readers by giving them a sneak peek of what this power couple has in store for the next level of greatness?

We are super excited about the next chapter in our lives and believe that whatever is planned for our future is the right choice. We want to continue moving our community forward and assisting wherever we can. We are looking forward to this upcoming election and believe that there is still work to be done. We have seen a lot of progress in Henry County and want to see it continue to thrive.


6) What are 5 tips you would give another couple looking to go into business together?

1. Just do it.

2. Communication

3. Praise one another.

4. Don’t fight over who gets credit.

5. Always support each other.


7) Mr. Holmes you are a public servant, however recently your passion for media grew, what inspired you to add media to your arsenal of businesses and how does it all play in the big scheme of things to maintain success?

Three years ago, I was offered a contract to become the Executive Producer/ Host for The Black Vote on the Nubian TV Network. Although I had limited experience and exposure to the producing side of the business, I immediately thought I could make it happen due to my relationship with Game Changers Media who led the production. This was my first foray into the actual media business. I immediately recognized a need for citizens to get legitimate information regarding communities in South Metro, especially Henry County. I saw an opportunity in how Henry County local media wasn’t reporting the actual news and thought local minority media could find its way into the space.

8) Mrs Holmes you recently took on a big task powered by a major corporate company as in serving counties nationwide, tell us about the experience and the value it brings to the table as a business owner?

I currently serve as the Chair of the Workforce Network Advisory Council for NACo (National Association of Counties) as well as on the Advisory Board for Public Promise Insurance which are both tools and resources provided by NACo for County Government. Based on my capacity as the Chair of the WNAC, I was invited to participate on a panel with leaders from Walmart, Deloitte Consulting, and local Elected Officials, discussing “Reskilling for Recovery: A Summit on Workforce Development”. I think it’s important, post-pandemic, for business owners to consider innovative solutions to improve and strengthen the workforce. Some of the topics we discussed included skills-based hiring, training & development, compensation, and other trends that impact how we take care of our people.

9) What are some of the challenges you face as a couple in business together? And how do you overcome those challenges to maintain balance in keeping the family business moving forward?

The main challenge is to not allow work to consume or overlap into your personal space. We come up with time that is just dedicated for us to just enjoy one another.

10) Where can our audience find out more about your platform online and how can they follow you on social media to learn more about the great things you all are doing not only in the community but nationwide?

Follow me at:

SOCIAL MEDIA: @brucebholmes_10

FB, TicTok, Twitter, IG & LinkedIn

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